12th Annual Foundations Of Science Breakfast

Each year the Breakfast brings our community together for a conversation about the impact of science, technology, math and engineering on our lives. Thank you to all who joined us for the 12th annual Foundations of Science Breakfast on March 26, 2015. We are grateful for your participation, and hope that you were inspired by Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan's keynote address.

A pioneering astronaut and NOAA chief, Dr. Sullivan spoke about outer-space photography, her non-linear career path and she gave a heartfelt reminder that society is exquisitely dependent on the spark of science within all of us. Dr. Sullivan can be seen in the accompanying photo with two members of Discovery Corps, our year-round youth development program for high school students ages 14 and older. We present an audio recording of her presentation here. It begins with an introduction from Dr. Patricia Galloway, Chair of this year's event and a Pacific Science Center Board Member.

A not-for-profit educational institution, Pacific Science Center greatly appreciates the support of the sponsors for the Foundations of Science Breakfast. Thanks to their generosity, every contribution made at the event directly supports science education. These gifts enable Pacific Science Center to inspire nearly a million guests and students this year at our Seattle and Mercer Slough campuses, and an additional 300,000 students through outreach programs that we deliver to communities across the State of Washington. Thank you for your investment. Simply put, we could not accomplish this work without you.