Discovery Corps Grads: Fantastic Colleges And Futures Ahead

Pacific Science Center is so proud of our 27 Discovery Corps 2014 grads who are all headed for fantastic colleges after completing our multi-year youth development program. This stellar group of teens includes many merit-based scholarship recipients, honors program students and first-generation college students.

Our on-site youth development program, Discovery Corps, is different from many interest-based programs for teens because participation is year-round and lasts for several years.

Corps members are Pacific Science Center staff, but they are also an audience that we are proud to serve. They staff positions within our exhibits that improve our guest experience and they move up a career ladder within Discovery Corps to increased levels of responsibility and pay. Because of this structure, as youth develop their own professional, communication and teaching skills they also grow in self-confidence and increase their content knowledge and career awareness, especially in STEM fields.

Please join Discovery Corps program staff as we send off these outstanding youths to their next adventure as they graduate from high school and leave the Discovery Corps program. Nineteen of these 27 individuals have been with the program for three or more years and eight are from the first graduating cohort of the Track for Earth and Space Science Achievement (TESSA), funded by the NASA Now grant.

Here's to the future, graduates!

Jani A, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shivani B, Cornell University, NY
Bijou B, Northwestern University, IL
Rocky C, Highline Community College
Victoria D, Western Washington University
Will E, Columbia University, NY
Ellie F, Carlton College, MN
Kirsten G, University of Washington - Tacoma
Carlos G, University of Chicago
Stephen H, Stanford University, CA
Julia J, University of Washington
Hannah J, University of Washington
Jojo L, University of Washington
Eddie L, University of Southern California
Nathan L, Bellevue College
Meghan N, Columbia University, NY
Zari R, The Evergreen State College
Lucy R, Seattle Central College
Alex S, Seattle Central College
Jacob S, Northwestern University, IL
Jasmine S, Bellevue College
Jedell U-F, South Seattle College
Nolan W, McDaniel College, MD
Tay-Tay W-M, Edmonds Community College
Alex Y, Columbia University, NY
Chloe Y, Western Washington University
Camaria R, Bellevue College

Discovery Corps is made possible with generous support from: Anonymous | Bank of America | Intellectual Ventures | National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NNX10AK17G) | US Bancorp Foundation.