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Portal to the Public is a program designed to assist informal science education (ISE) institutions as they seek to bring scientists and public audiences together in face-to-face public interactions that promote appreciation and understanding of current scientific research and its application. The program model was implemented and evaluated at eight museums and science centers during 2007-2011, with support from a National Science Foundation grant. We invite you to watch this video for more information.

Portal to the Public is now expanding to include many more institutions through the Portal to the Public Network, a community of informal science education institutions. To find out more about the Portal to the Public Network, please visit popnet.pacificsciencecenter.org

The Portal to the Public project team has produced an Implementation Manual as a guide for institutions planning to implement a Portal to the Public-type program. It includes the Catalog of Professional Development Elements, a practical guide to creating and facilitating professional development experiences for scientists. Learn more about the Implementation Manual and how you can download a copy.

The Four Main Components of Portal to the Public

Public Programs

PortalThese events bring scientists and public audiences together in face-to-face interactions and are facilitated by scientists who have participated in professional development. Learn More


Professional Development

pop-thmb-02Develop, evaluate and disseminate modular professional development elements that ISE staff can facilitate to prepare scientist volunteers to work with public audiences. Elements include workshop activities, resources for one-on-one support and written documents.



pop-thmb-03Research the implementation and outcome of the professional development and public programs across all three museum sites. The overarching question is, "How can ISE institutions successfully engage their visitors with current science by featuring scientists in programming."


Support A Professional Learning Community

pop-thmb-04Endeavor to support a professional learning community of institutions and individuals committed to improving the public understanding and appreciation of current science research. Our first major activity to support a professional learning community was the Synthesis Meeting held in Jan. 2008. Learn more

Other Portal To The Public programs at Pacific Science Center:

NSF This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation.
IMLS This project is made possible by a grant from the US Institute of Museum and Library Services.

For general inquiries please contact Eve Klein, Portal to the Public Project Manager at Pacific Science Center: eklein@pacsci.org or (206) 443-2381.