Partial Day Experience

Bring the excitement of Pacific Science Center to your community for school day, evening or weekend events! Our extensive catalogue of offerings can be adapted to accommodate a variety of spaces, schedules and budgets.

Science Shows

These 40-minute interactive science shows present scientific knowledge in a compelling, show-stopping fun presentation. Audience participation and giant props make science pop with excitement.

How do we use math in our everyday lives? What would happen if we decided not to use math? How can math be used to help create a colorful chemical reaction? Explore the many ways we use numbers, shapes, probability and measurement every day and how we would be lost without them. This interactive show uses volunteers, games and a thrilling chemical reaction to demonstrate that math truly is a blast.

Super Cool Science Show
Discover what happens when things get super cool with liquid nitrogen! Watch as gases become liquids, liquids become solids and matter fizzes, freezes and flies.

Radical Reactions
Chemistry explodes onto the scene with radical reactions, where flames ignite in blue and green and rainbows exist in glass tubes.

Volts and Jolts
Electricity is illuminated in a series of shocking experiments! Explore the properties of electricity with our hair-raising Van de Graaff Generator and Tesla Coil.

SENSE-ational Science
Explore your fabulous five senses! Put your taste buds to the test, make "scents" of mysterious odors, open your eyes to illusions and more! Geared toward PreK-2.


Transform any large room into a science center with one of our portable exhibit sets! Our interactive, hands-on science exhibits are designed to be an engaging "science playground" for your students. Choose from the following eight topics:

  • Physiology/Anatomy
  • Geology*
  • Agricultural Science*
  • Engineering*
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Neuroscience
  • Astronomy

*Exhibits in English and Spanish

Portable Planetarium Lessons

It's always a starry night inside our portable, inflatable planetarium! Our 30-45 minute interactive, astronomical experiences propel you out into the universe to ponder the planets, make sense of the seasons and explore the constellations. (Requires indoor space to accommodate 22' x 22' x 10.5' inflatable planetarium.)

Classroom Lessons

With over 100 lessons to choose from, these 45-minute in-depth activities bring science into your classroom. We supply the materials, you supply the kids! Visit or call (206) 443-2925 for detailed information.

Bring Pacific Science Center teachers straight to your classroom for in-depth science exploration! We have more than fifty 45-minute lessons for students in the K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grade levels! Choose from the following categories:

  • Astronomy - Lesson Descriptions (PDF)
  • Engineering - Lesson Descriptions (PDF)
  • Geology - Lesson Descriptions (PDF)
  • Human Body - Lesson Descriptions (PDF)
  • Math - Lesson Descriptions (PDF)
  • Physics - Lesson Descriptions (PDF)
  • Marine Science: Marine Links (K-2) - From suction-footed sea stars to glow-in-the-dark fish, examine the creatures who call the ocean "home". Investigate real preserved creatures from the shore to the deep sea and become part of an aquatic food chain to discover the interaction of species from microscopic plankton to giant sharks. Find out fun facts about newly discovered creatures living beneath the ocean's surface and get a close-up look at their bizarre features!
  • Marine Science: Ocean Connections (3-5) - Do people living far away from the ocean still have an influence on its health? Explore an interactive watershed model and observe how pollutants travel from land to rivers to oceans when rain showers fall. Discover the diverse ecosystems of the ocean by getting up close and personal with preserved marine specimens from the shore to the deepest parts of the sea. Submerge yourself in the mysterious world of the ocean!
  • Environmental Science with Mercer Slough (PreK-8) - Lesson Descriptionspdf (PDF) New for 2013-2014! Available September-April in King County. Inquire for locations outside King County. Taught by Pacific Science Center's environmental science specialists at the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center. Travels from Bellevue.

We also have PreK Options!


  • Enough tables & chairs for all students.
  • Access to water and electricity.

Program length: 45 minutes.
Capacity: 32 students per lesson.

Evening and Weekend Programs

Have a community-wide science celebration! Mix and match our programs to align with your community's interests. It's the perfect addition to science fairs, open houses and more.

Science On Wheels is made possible with generous support from Amgen Foundation, Anonymous, The Baker Foundation, Chevron Corporation, The Community Fund of South Puget Sound: Irving A. Lassen Foundation Fund, The Ellis Foundation, Fluke Corporation, Google Community Fund of the Tides Foundation, Hubbard Family Foundation, James and Marie Borgman, Johnston-Hanson Foundation, McDonald's of the Rainier Valley, Nysether Family Foundation, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Plum Creek Timber Company, The Skagit Community Foundation: Clinton & Florence Vaux Endowment for Youth Educational Programs.