Full Day Programs

Bring the interactive, fun and educational experience of a Science On Wheels visit to your school. A full day experience creates an exciting atmosphere throughout your school, sparking interest and enthusiasm for learning about science for students of all ages.

Check out our travel calendar below and find out when we are coming to your area. Schedule your visit for these months, and we will waive your mileage fees! Overnight fees still apply.

2015-2016 Travel Calendar

Dec: Blood and Guts
Jan: Blood and Guts
Feb: Engineering
Island, San Juan, Skagit
Dec: Blood and Guts
Jan: Blood and Gus
Feb: Engineering
Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan
Apr: Mathblast
May: Rock and Roll
Ferry, Pend Oreille, Stevens
Oct: Space Odyssey
Apr: Rock and Roll
Lincoln, Spokane
Mar: Space Odyssey
Apr: Rock and Roll
Benton, Franklin
Oct: Engineering
Mar: Blood and Guts
Walla Walla, Asotin,
Columbia, Garfield,
Mar: Physics On Wheels
Yakima, Kittitas
Oct: Rock and Roll
Apr: Engineering
Adams, Grant
Oct: Blood and Guts
Mar: Mathblast
Cowlitz, Clark,
Skamania, Klickitat
Nov: Physics On Wheels
May: Mathblast
Thurston, Lewis
Nov: Physics On Wheels
Dec: Physics On Wheels
May: Engineering
Wahkiakum, Pacific,
Grays Harbor
Nov. Rock and Roll
May: Physics On Wheels
Mason, Kitsap
Jan: Rock and Roll
Feb: Physics On Wheels
Jefferson, Clallam
Nov: Space Odyssey
May: Blood and Guts

Can't make these dates work? Reach out to other local schools! If three or more schools in an area register for programs on consecutive days, we will waive all mileage fees. Overnight fees still apply.

Program Themes (choose one)

Choose one of our six science themes:

Blood and Guts

Blood and Guts challenges students to uncover the amazing aspects of their insides! Explore the systems and organs that keep us alive and kicking, from our giant skeletons down to the smallest muscles in our eyes. Students will delve into their favorite subject - themselves! Learn morepdf


Mathblast takes students on a mathematical journey far beyond arithmetic. Students can practice probability, reflect on symmetry, focus on fractals or locate their center of gravity as they discover how to manipulate math. Learn morepdf

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll will shake up your school with earth science! Sort through sand, hunt for fossils, explore and grow sparkling crystals, get blown away by volcanoes, and uncover the secrets of rocks and minerals. Learn morepdf


Engineering investigates the world of invention and problem solving while exploring the knowledge, skills and tools used to change our lives. Program robots, build and test the strength of bridges and buildings, and investigate new materials as you stretch them to their limits. Learn morepdf

Physics On Wheels

Physics On Wheels opening show is bound to be an electrifying (with a Van de Graaff generator) and chilling (with liquid nitrogen) experience! The activities and exhibits will generate excitement with electricity, sound, lenses, magnets and simple machines! Learn morepdf

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey launches you on an amazing celestial journey. Explore the universe in our large, inflatable planetariums or investigate the phases of the moon, the spectra of gases, or the exciting properties of light in your classroom. Requires indoor space to accommodate 24' x 24' x 10.5' inflatable planetarium.Learn morepdf 

Program Packages and Pricing

Our combination packages include two or three basic program components designed to enhance your students' learning around one of our six themes in a memorable full day school event.

Large: 15 classroom workshops, one all-school assembly and a full day of exhibits. Cost: $2000*

Medium: 10 classroom workshops, one all-school assembly and a full day of exhibits. Cost: $1450*

Small: Includes your choice of two components: one all-school assembly, a full day of exhibits, or classroom workshops. Cost: $775*

  • Please note: Various configurations are available to reach smaller groups of students. Call us at (206) 443-2925 to learn more.

*All programs will incur an overnight fee of $120 per educator, per night. If you book outside of your regional week, a roundtrip mileage fee of $0.56 per mile will also be incurred.

Subsidies are available for Medium and Large program packages. To apply, please check the box at the bottom of your registration request form. Qualifying schools will have a Free and Reduced Meal Program percentage of 65% or greater.

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Not sure what you're looking for? Programs can be adapted to fit your needs.
Call (206) 443-2925 or email edprograms@pacsci.org to speak to our registration team.

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