Kids Review IMAX: Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

Pacific Science Center is pleased to partner again with Seattle’s Child to present Kids Review IMAX on Island of Lemurs: Madagascar. Kids between the ages of 6 and 12 were invited to sharpen their pencils and put on their journalist hats to let us know what they think of our newest IMAX movie. Please enjoy the winning review:

Madagascar Lemurs
By: Sophie Knifong

Sophie KnifongI loved the movie Island of Lemurs: Madagascar. It was, indubitably, an outstanding documentary explaining how an endangered animal is thriving to survive on the island of Madagascar.

I enjoyed learning how the indri lemurs sing like a whale, while the sifaka lemurs dance like ballerinas. The fact that I cherished the most is that these unique creatures arrived in Madagascar so long ago. To me, knowing that lemurs have been around for over 60 million years makes them uniquely special.

I found the island very exquisite and beautiful, especially the forest canopies and rocky mountain peaks.   

The movie was very gentle, but at the same time, extreme. I learned how castaway lemurs arrived in Madagascar millions of years ago and advanced into many species but now are highly endangered. One action that stood out to me was when the scientist Patricia Wright and her crew rescued a new group of lemurs from a wildfire to possibly ward off extinction of the species.

I liked how the movie described in detail how and why lemurs turned up on the island, evolved into hundreds of species, and how their population is now threatened by the progress of man, while they also have hope thanks to special interests taken in them by Patricia Wright and her colleagues who are educating others on protecting this wondrous animal. I wouldn’t necessarily say I disliked anything about the movie, however, I wish the producers would have added a little more to each scene.

I would call this a five star movie and would highly recommend it to friends of all ages.