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seattle-science-festival-2012As part of the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair, Pacific Science Center and collaborators from throughout the region are joining forces to present the first-ever Seattle Science Festival in June, 2012. The month-long series of events includes several days of science and technology-related activities and programs offered at venues around Seattle, a distinguished lecture series featuring luminaries from the science world, and a large-scale Science Expo at Seattle Center, featuring hands-on exhibits, experiments, demonstrations, games, and live performances to engage, educate and entertain audiences of all ages.

Our country needs creative, inspired thinkers to address the immense challenges we face today. As an engine for creativity and critical thinking, Pacific Science Center serves an important role in cultivating those thinkers. It is our mission to spark creativity and inspire the citizens of Washington so they are capable of bringing about the innovations necessary for the future. We face immense societal challenges--population growth, significant environmental degradation, an education system in crisis, as well as serious global health issues. We also face extraordinary opportunities--space exploration, alternative energies, medical cures and things that are yet to be imagined. New scientific breakthroughs and technologies are essential to bringing about innovation in these realms for which our region is a known leader. We now stand poised to seize the opportunities and find solutions to our world's challenges.

The Seattle Science Festival is a collaboration of the region's cultural, educational, research and business communities, organized by Pacific Science Center.