The Future

Pacific Science Center has been inspiring creative, critical thinking among Washington residents and guests from around the globe since our inception in 1962. Dr. Dixy Lee Ray, an early director, set the vision for our institution: "We would pioneer a great experiment to show that the essence and aims of science could be widely appreciated in the general population." This vision catalyzed our first 50 years.

On July 22, 2010 Pacific Science Center was declared a City of Seattle Landmark. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Science Center, we want to ensure that our next 50 years are as inspiring and engaging as the first. While we celebrate and recognize the contributions and accomplishments that have made this institution what it is today, we are also looking to the future so that the Science Center can meet the future needs of the community, region and state.

As we celebrate our storied past, Pacific Science Center is as committed as ever to serving our community and being an engine for creative and critical thinking for our region. We know that science can inspire hopes and dreams and through our award-winning legacy programs and exciting new projects, we are creating experiences that spark creativity and stimulate inquiry.

As part of Pacific Science Center's 50th anniversary celebrations, we have produced a series of video announcements that honor our past yet speak to the future. We invite you to watch them below and hope you'll join us as we continue our mission of inspiring a love of lifelong learning.