Photography Inside The King Tut Exhibition

As of October 1, photography is no longer allowed inside the King Tut exhibition. Here are the reasons for this change:

  • Photography is not commonly allowed in artifact-based exhibits and has not been allowed in any other city this exhibit has visited. While video cameras have never been allowed, because this is the final North American stop, the decision was made to experiment and allow still photography early on and evaluate how it was received. We wanted guests to have the opportunity to document their visit.
  • We've given it a four month trial and listened to feedback from guests and staff. We've heard frequently that it slows the pace at which people can move through the exhibit and increases crowding around the artifacts, which decreases the guest experience with the artifacts.
  • The movement and noise involved with taking photos is also distracting for other guests. The galleries have mood lighting, music and significant audio guide usage and photography alters those experiences. While guests taking photos are absorbed with their shot, more bumping and inadvertent cutting off happens.
  • Because of this, we've decided that effective October 1 photography will not be allowed. With high volume expected in the three months remaining we want our guests to enjoy themselves without any distractions or the impatience that can result from having to wait for photography. Please check our plan your visit page for more information.


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