Marriage Proposal During PACCAR Previews

The young couple knew they wanted to marry. They'd talked about the years ahead, planning and dreaming about their lives together after Christine graduated from University of Washington School of Medicine and Tommy graduated with a masters of business administration. Tommy was confident Christine would say yes. It was not a matter of if, but rather, of when. And how.

How to propose? "I was thinking about going on a helicopter tour and proposing in the air," Tommy said. But for two weeks, the weather was bad, really foggy. They were grounded. What to do?

Tommy, a science and sci-fi fan, suddenly had an idea. For weeks, he and Christine had been planning a movie date at Pacific Science Center's PACCAR IMAX Theater where it's a tradition for staff to project slides about science trivia before the main feature.

He called the Science Center and made a secret request.

Theater staff were tickled to be part of the momentous event and enthusiastically promised: "We'll make it happen!"

On the big night, Tommy and Christine settled themselves into PACCAR Theater's plush seats. It seemed as if no time had passed before the audience around them was murmuring and giggling and looking around for a blushing couple.

For there, projected on the huge IMAX screen, was an even more humongous question: Christine, Will You Marry Me? – Tommy

Quickly, Tommy got down on bended knee. Christine happily said yes.

Congratulations, Tommy and Christine!

At Pacific Science Center, we love happy endings. And happy beginnings.