PacSci-Doku: "Feathered Dinosaur" Answer

By Dennis Schatz - Senior Vice President for Strategic Programs

The question in this edition is:

What was unique about many feathered dinosaurs?

The answer: Four Wings

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Chinese paleontologists recently studied 11 feathered dinosaurs from around 130 million years ago, including Microraptors and Sinornithosauruses, that showed they had four wings of feathers, with feathers on both front and hind limbs. It is generally accepted that the feathers on both limbs aided movement through the air, but it is not clear whether the animals powered their own flight or used the feathers to control glides from trees to the ground. Learn more about Microraptors or view this

" title="NOVA Special" target="_blank">NOVA special regarding four-winged dinosaurs.

Here is the solution:


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