PacSci-Doku: "Naming Opportunity" Answer

By Dennis Schatz - Senior Advisor

The question in this edition is:

What astronomical objects will members of the public get to name?

The answer: ExoWorlds

Scroll down to see the solution.

Are you tired of referring to the more than 300 planets that orbit distant stars by their obscure scientific names? These ExoPlanets or ExoWorlds have names like HD 169830 b or WASP-11-HAT-P-10 b. They are not names that roll off the tongue. This is similar to the problem we have with names for animals and plants. Who wants to say Apis mellifera when you can say honey bee. So if you are tired of the obscure names for ExoWorlds, you have the opportunity to give them a name more pleasing to the ear and easier to remember. Visit the to suggest your names for 305 of these planets orbiting distant stars.

Here is the solution:


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