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Abolish Daylight Savings Time?

badge-slumbertorium"Just pick a time and stick with it," declares a growing movement of sleep-disrupted activists who are leading a petition drive to end the biannual time changes altogether. They say the twice yearly ritual is no longer economically relevant, has no scientific basis and spurs an increase in car accidents (due to to sleepy drivers), heart attacks, suicides and cranky people.

Hawaii, Arizona and the east side of Indiana have opted out of Daylight Savings Time. Russia stopped messing with their clocks in 2011. "Every fall and every spring we are swearing at this system," said Dmitry Medvedev, who was then Russia's president and is now prime minister. "Our biorhythms are damaged. We are all angry. We either oversleep and turn up late for work or wake up too early and don't know what to do with this free time. Let alone poor cows and other animals that can't understand why they should have their meals or be milked earlier or later." Learn more

And visit the Slumbertorium at Professor's Wellbody's Academy of Health & Fitness to learn how to get your REM on!



  • Guest
    jennifer venrick Tuesday, 30 April 2013

    by Jennifer Venrick 3, April 2013
    Pros and Cons of Daylight Saving Time
    Measuring time has been recorded as far back as 3100 BCE (Before the Common Era). Altering time was first introduced in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin. Ancient civilizations measured the passage of time with the movements of the sun, moon, planets and stars. There has been many types of time measure, such as; during the era of Ice Age, by mankind scratching lines into rock walls, or Egyptian sundials, the Babylonian time keepers, Greek water bowls, that are similar to the functions of an hour glass and the Mayan or Aztec calendar’s, all the way up to the current use of the modern day mechanical clock. (Higgins et al.).Daylight Saving Time is very controversial and has been debated continuously by many a person twice a year since 1784. Daylight Saving Time has created a variety of debatable pros and cons such as; the contrary side of daylight saving time, there is an increase of heart attacks due to the disruption of circadian rhythms, an increase of manic episodes, mental illness, blindness, and skin cancers, or the increase of energy use. On the proponent side of daylight saving time, it can boost one’s health due to an increase of outdoor physical activities, a decrease in seasonal affective disorders due to the longer daylight absorption, an increase in economy due to retailers staying open later and consumers shopping after an average workday, or the decrease of energy use. Either way Daylight Saving Time affects us all. Have you ever experienced a Daylight Saving Time fiasco or health issue? Has the time change ever left you confused, late to work, early to work or other events? From researching all the results, studies have found that, the pros and cons are split down the middle, 50/50 either way.

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  • Paula Bock
    Paula Bock Wednesday, 08 May 2013

    Thanks, Jennifer! Look forward to posting this more prominently on the Wellbody Blog.

  • Guest
    jennifer venrick Wednesday, 08 May 2013

    Hello Paula Bock, Thank you :), that would be fabulous to post in the Wellbody blog. I have the Wellbody web address on my student page for people to view or sign up against DST. I personally am against Daylight Saving Time and feel as if they are messing with nature herself. You can re-post anything I have written to help educate and bring awareness to this debatable subject. Thank you again, Best Regards, Jennifer Venrick

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