Meet A Forensic Scientist

Katie Woodward   Katie Woodward   Katie Woodward

In The Studio inside Wellbody Academy, our guests are introduced to cutting edge science as well as scientists. The Studio is currently focused on genetics and one of the scientists featured has a very exciting job. Her name is Katherine Woodard, BS, Katie to most who know her, Forensic Scientist at the Washington State Patrol Seattle Crime Laboratory.

If you've ever seen one of the crime dramas on TV such as NCIS or Bones, then you may be familiar with forensic scientists. Katie analyzes crime scene evidence such as clothing, weapons, hairs, nail clippings and swabbings. She's searching for body fluids that contain DNA which can be used to identify crime victims or suspects.

Katie's job as a forensic scientist is exciting and rewarding, using science to help solve crimes. Stop by The Studio to learn more about this fascinating scientist.