Statement Of Purpose

Pacific Science Center has embarked upon an ambitious cornerstone exhibit that is designed to encourage guests to begin taking control of their own health and wellness.

This is a notoriously difficult challenge. It is well understood that no single educational experience can effect lasting behavior change. However, such an experience, when embedded in a broad-scale health initiative can play an important role in improving health practices. That broad-scale health initiative is currently underway as the nation rises to the challenge of declining health due to individual behavior decisions.

Pacific Science Center recognizes that targeting individual behavior is one of a suite of strategies needed to generate the broad scale health shifts that the nation needs. With this exhibit as an anchor, Pacific Science Center has the opportunity to strengthen and deepen ties within the research community, public health workers and community advocates committed to enhancing the nation’s health. The Science Center also acts as a neutral convener, serving as the ideal backdrop for the community to gather for dialogue and discovery around issues of health and wellness.