Be Curious at Pacific Science Center

By Eleanor Bradley, Chief Commercial Officer

“I have no special gifts. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Pacific Science Center is excited to share our new brand campaign: BE CURIOUS. With it, we are also rolling out an updated visual identity, a modernized version of our iconic typeface and arches, to reflect the forward-looking direction we are moving as an organization.

Pacific Science Center

is more than just a campaign. It is in our DNA. Pacific Science Center’s mission is to ignite curiosity in every child and fuel a passion for discovery, experimentation, and critical thinking in all of us.

Curiosity is also at the heart of the vibrant community we serve – home to cancer breakthroughs, innovative technology companies, and a rich cultural heritage. Curiosity brings out the best in people and organizations. Harvard Business Review recently spotlighted “The Business Case for Curiosity,” arguing that curious people make better choices, improve their organization’s performance, and help organizations adapt in a constantly changing environment. Our new brand campaign, BE CURIOUS, encourages everyone to explore, ask questions, think critically, and be inspired by something new at PacSci.

From our incarnation as the Science Pavilion at the future-forward 1962 World’s Fair and up to the present day, PacSci has introduced our guests to cutting-edge ideas, experiences, and technology. In 2016 after extensive dialogue with leaders and members of the community, we updated our mission to reflect the fundamental role that curiosity plays in a healthy and vibrant society. And because we welcome and celebrate our diverse region, our guiding principles focus on community—how we foster conversations, feature the innovative research happening all around us, and expand access to science education to inspire curiosity.

Some examples of how we are inspiring curiosity include:

  • Curiosity Expo, weekend long events exploring the connections between science and our region.
  • Science in the City, featuring experts from local organizations giving talks on science and technology topics and how they affect our community.
  • What is Reality, immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences showcasing the marriage of technology, art, and storytelling that challenge guests to think differently about the concept of reality.
  • Block By BLOCK: Innovating from the Ground Up, a new exhibit that explores the role of social innovation in community challenges like homelessness.
  • Entrepreneurs-in-residence, where local innovators set up shop at PacSci and guests can watch innovation happening in real time.
  • Tinker Tank, our makerspace where guests engage in constantly changing hands on engineering and design challenges.
  • Science on Wheels, a traveling education program delivering interactive workshops and lessons, live science shows, and portable exhibits that build excitement for science, engineering, math, and more.

We invite you to see what is new at PacSci and most importantly, BE CURIOUS!