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Birthday Parties At Pacific Science Center

Celebrate your birthday under the arches at Pacific Science Center. Weekend birthday party packages include a variety of fun and educational hands-on activities designed to ignite curiosity in all ages, as well as a liquid nitrogen demonstration that uses the power of chemistry to create ice cream right before your eyes! When the festivities are over, your party can spend the rest of the day exploring our hundreds of interactive exhibits.

Call (206) 443-3611 Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. to book your birthday party. 

Please note: Parties must be scheduled at least two weeks prior to your desired date. All dates and times are booked on a first come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. Please contact us with any special requests or accommodations needed for your child by calling the number above.

Party Package & Pricing

The party includes:

  • General admission for all party guests to Pacific Science Center’s exhibits
  • A birthday party assistant to greet and direct guests to the room
  • E-invitations to send to guests
  • Theme of your choice (options below)
  • A decorated party room to match your theme – Feel free to bring your own decorations, but no helium balloons or confetti.
  • A liquid nitrogen ice cream demonstration
  • Make-and-take activity for party guests, based on your theme

Full payment is due upon booking.

Party PackageMember PriceNon-Member Price
Covers up to 30 guests$350$375
Covers up to 40 guests$430$455
Please note: The total number of party guests includes anyone age 3 and over and any adults.

Add On To Your Party!

Make your child’s birthday party extra special with one of our add-on options:

  • Lunch, snack and beverage options from our café
  • Discounted group IMAX movie or Laser Show tickets
  • We do not offer birthday cakes, but you are welcome to provide your own.
Birthday Party Food & Beverage Menu

To order food for your birthday party, please call (206) 443-3611 by 3 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to your party.

Food Menu

NEW! Cupcakes
(12 per tray)
Choose between vanilla, chocolate or a mix of both!$33 per tray
Large One-Topping Pizza
(about 10 slices)
Choose one: pepperoni, olives, mushrooms or onion
Additional toppings: $2 each
Add 2 pitchers of soda: $30
Sub SandwichesAll sandwiches come with lettuce, tomato, pickles or onion
Choose one: turkey, ham or roast beef
Choose one: Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone cheese
$8 per footlong sub
Fruit or Veggie PlatterChoose one: fruit with yogurt or veggies with Ranch dip
Serves about 15 people
Cheese & Cracker PlatterAssorted crackers, Cheddar, Provolone and Swiss cheeses, and grapes
Serves about 20 people
Cheddar Cheese Finger Sandwiches15 sandwiches$15
Additional sandwiches: $1 each
Turkey or Ham Finger Sandwiches15 sandwiches
Sandwiches also include Cheddar cheese
Additional sandwiches: $1.50 each

Beverage Menu

60 oz. Pitchers of Soda: $4
Choose from: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Root Beer, Powerade,Water

Individual Milk & Chocolate Milk Cartons: $1.50 each

Individual Apple Juice Cans: $1.50 each

Allergy Information

  • Pizza contains gluten and dairy.
  • Sub sandwiches and finger sandwiches contain gluten.
  • Cheese and cracker platter contains dairy.
  • Ranch dip has dairy and eggs.

All food is made in a commercial kitchen and may come in contact with dairy, nuts and eggs.


Party Themes

Choose one of the following themes for your science-themed birthday party.


Birthday Parties At Pacific Science Center

*Parent Participation Needed*

Design and build your own rocket, then you are cleared for takeoff. Launch your rocket into space and explore our solar system’s stars and constellations by creating your very own star map to take home. After that you will come back down to Earth to enjoy delicious ice cream made from some of the coldest stuff on the planet: liquid nitrogen! Finish your day at a Science On a Sphere show to see real time data sets of planet Earth and beyond.

Bugs & Butterflies

Birthday Parties At Pacific Science Center

*Parent Participation Needed*

Become an entomologist and explore the world of butterflies and our other six-legged friends. Learn about the life cycle and bodies of insects, design your own butterfly to keep and touch a live Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Afterwards we’ll make enough liquid nitrogen ice cream to feed a swarm. When your party is over, venture to the Tropical Butterfly House and see live butterflies flutter all around you.


Birthday Parties At Pacific Science Center

Venture to prehistoric times and become a paleontologist as we uncover fossils from the past. Discover how fossils are made and how many different types there are. Go on your own Interactive Dino Bone Dig and assemble a dinosaur skeleton, then create a shark tooth necklace or dinosaur egg to take home. Lastly, dig into a bowl of liquid nitrogen ice cream! After your party, head into Building 1 to see the exhibit Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time, where what you just learned comes to life.

This party is only available for up to 30 people total (includes children and adults).

Coming Soon! Innovator Studio

Programs At Pacific Science Center

Embrace your creativity and ingenuity, learn what it takes to be an inventor. Join our educators to learn about the design process and experiment with shape, weight, and aerodynamics. You will design and build a wind-powered vehicle, from everyday items and put it to the test on a wind powered racetrack. Celebrate your creations with a scoop of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream! Continue the day own your own by exploring what else you can create over in Tinker Tank.

Spy Academy

Birthday Parties At Pacific Science Center

Investigate the undercover world of espionage when you receive a secret mission from Pacific Science Center Headquarters. Create an agent identity, assemble a message decoder and use your powers of deduction to decipher the code on an Interactive Spy Mission! Use spy techniques and tools including UV light and chemical reactions to reveal secret clues hidden in plain sight. Once you complete the mission, you will earn your badge in covert communications and celebrate with a scoop of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Weird Science

Birthday Parties At Pacific Science Center

Marvel as one of our expert science demonstrators gives you a private window into the world of physical science. Put your brain to the test with a plexer challenge, climb inside an electrostatic field with our Van de Graaf generator, and make your own “atomic” glow-in-the-dark gak to take home. Then experience the chilling effects of 320 degrees below zero liquid nitrogen as we make instant ice cream right before your eyes. Wrap up the day by discovering the many functions of the human body in the Body Works exhibit.

Details & Policies

Birthday parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays. All time slots are subject to availability. We offer three time slots for birthday parties:

  • 10 a.m.
  • 12:30 p.m.
  • 3 p.m.

Please Note: You may arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to set up and decorate for your party.

Cancellation Policy
All party packages are non-refundable, however you can call to request a change in the date. All requests will be subject to availability and it is recommended to call at least one week prior to the original date. A re-booking fee of $100 will be applied for change requests that fall within three business days of the original booked party.

Membership Benefits Policy
Your Membership benefits are applied when you call to book your party. If any of your guests are also Pacific Science Center Members, their benefits may not be applied to exceed the allotted number of guests included in the package price.

We offer lockers for rent in Buildings 1 and 3 at a small charge. Storage is not available in the birthday party area before or after your party. Pacific Science Center staff are not responsible for monitoring personal items in the party room.

Due to the sensitive nature of our fire alarm system, balloons are not permitted inside Pacific Science Center. We also do not allow confetti or piñatas.

Outside Vendors
You are welcome to bring in other outside beverages and/or food or have it delivered.

All outside entertainment vendors must be pre-approved a minimum of one week prior to your party. Plan to have vendors provide insurance and references when you call to book your party.

Pacific Science Center also offers Wild B’earthday Parties every Saturday at Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center in Bellevue. Call (206) 443-2925 to book yours today!