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Block by BLOCK: Innovating from the Ground Up

Our new exhibit, “Block by BLOCK: Innovating from the Ground Up,” challenges visitors to think about their skills, the problems they care about, and how they might apply their abilities to come up with new solutions. The exhibit highlights several innovative projects in which people used their skills to create new approaches to a wide range of problems; and features an in-depth look at The BLOCK Project, a local father-daughter architecture team’s innovative response to Seattle’s homelessness crisis.

The word "innovation" is often associated with cutting-edge technology, but it is more inclusive than that.

We invite the community to gather for discussion, debate, and collaboration on opportunities and challenges relevant to our city and region. Experiments and innovation are central to the experiences we provide and the work we do. In all of our work, including our new exhibit "Block By BLOCK," we encourage people to be curious and to explore innovative thinking in all areas of our lives, including our most pressing social challenges.


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