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A Year In IMAX

by | Dec 28, 2016

2016 was the year for IMAX—from Hollywood director Terrance Malik’s ground-breaking Voyage of Time to the return of space-favorites like Hubble 3D. As 2016 comes to a close, let’s take a look at the year’s best.

Best Undersea: Secret Ocean
Secret Ocean is as other-worldly as any movie set in outer space—some even consider the ocean “the next frontier.” Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of the famous diver and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau) takes viewers on a journey beyond his father’s dreams. The film showcases these creatures’ beautiful color and detail—personifying everything from phytoplankton to hermit crabs and sharks. The Christmas tree worm (a reef-dwelling sea creature) is a particular favorite among young audiences.

Most Innovative: Voyage of Time
Voyage of Time was one of the most anticipated IMAX movies of the year. A project of Terrance Malik’s for nearly forty years, the film explores the origin of life in the universe, and ultimately it’s death. The film combines science, religion and art to create our universe’s story—which “we” (humans) are part of for only a minute. Explosively creative visuals make film unique.

Most Compelling Story: Hubble 3D
Meet the astronauts on a mission to save the Hubble telescope. The seven crew members have one chance to fix what they call “our window to the universe,” where “man will conceivably never go.” Their story of suspense is coupled with breathtaking images of Saturn’s aurora and the Andromeda galaxy. Throughout, learn about its history, its importance and the influence this masterpiece of machinery has had on our exploration of the universe. The result is astounding.

Most Inspiring: A Beautiful Planet
Another trip through space—with a twist. From the International Space Station, an international team of astronauts capture our home from far, far away. Cities light up and Earth’s accomplishments are highlighted from up above—as are our negative impacts. The film gives moviegoers an opportunity to both understand the consequences of our more reckless creations and the avant-garde methods NASA uses to combat it. Audiences leave with both a better understanding and hope for the future.

Most Exciting: National Parks Adventure
In National Parks Adventure, team of modern-day pioneers take a journey through our back yard. From biking in the Grand Canyon to filming grizzly bears in the wild, these adventurers don’t hold back. Your stomach drops as you ski with the team and experience Yellowstone’s hot springs in incredible 3D. A celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the national parks program, this adventure will inspire your own adventures.

Best for Kids: The Flight of the Butterflies
A 2016 returnee for Life Sciences Research Weekend, audiences love the beautiful and serene footage of the ubiquitous Monarch butterfly. The film features a dramatization of Dr. Fred Urquhart’s research from childhood to his retirement, giving context to his complex research about the migration pattern of this famous insect. The film’s mix of breathtaking visuals and compelling storyline make this a great pick for kids.

Next year’s list of IMAX picks promises just as many exciting stories—be sure to look out for Dream Big, inspiring youth to become engineers, and Mysteries of China, in correlation with our display of the Terracotta Warriors.

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