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Area Startups Find A Home In The Hive

by | Oct 10, 2017

The Hive

If you’ve visited Pacific Science Center recently, you’ve likely noticed that the Insect Village inside our Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery has taken on some changes. The circus tent, which once housed our Insect-a-Sideshow, has been repurposed. This space is now called The Hive, and some pretty exciting things are happening inside: innovative startups have been invited to work on building their business, right here on our campus.

These startups are not your typical hidden away efforts; they consist of people who thrive in an environment like Pacific Science Center, where they get to interact with curious guests and show what they’re working on. By letting guests test their technology and ask questions, they can show their process, share ideas and get essential feedback for the next iteration of their work. That’s hard to do in a more secluded environment!

As an organization, we always strive to embrace experimentation and innovation. This initiative is part of What is Reality, a new set of experiences that highlight immersive technologies and innovation. The goal is to provide opportunities for guests to be an integral part of the development process by testing new product and experience iterations as they evolve. Guests who test an iteration on one day will see how the work has progressed on their next visit. Or, just as likely, guests will meet with another new company working on a very different kind of project. No two days are the same.

“These startups-in-residence are a way for us to be more representative of creative Seattle. Our area is such fertile ground for innovation across so many platforms. We are committing space for this effort because we believe it’s important to give guests a front row view to innovation at work. We also know there are many small start-ups out there who simply don’t have the kind of space they need to evolve nor the access to objective feedback like our guests can provide,” said Vice President of Exhibits Diana Johns.

Some of these companies are already busy working in The Hive, with guest facing time to talk about their work, answer questions and share their newest iteration. Be on the lookout for new businesses and more interactive experiences in the coming months. Read about one of our first startups-in-residence, Hyperspace, here.

Are you interested in being considered for a position as a startup-in-residence at Pacific Science Center? Email us at

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