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Augmented Reality: See Life Differently

by | Dec 13, 2017

Puget Sound Model with Augmented Reality

You’ve heard us talk about experimenting with immersive technologies and exploring how technology can enhance, obscure, or completely alter our perception of reality as we know it. Some of our newest experiences focus on using augmented reality (AR) to enhance a physical object, space or exhibit. You’ve likely seen AR used in pop-culture, such as SnapChat or Pokémon Go, but what happens when you pair it with interactive experiences? Read on to see how we’re using AR to add a new twist to some favorite activities.

With so many different reality-altering devices on the market, we are excited to offer our guests an experience where no phone or headset is required: all you need is yourself! Step into our Interactive Experience Hall to play with Broadcast AR. Follow the prompts on the screen and you’ll get to interact with a cast of characters including a dinosaur, android, and astronaut!

Vertical Windtunnel with AR

Objects flying out of our vertical wind tunnel take on a new life.

If you’ve been to Tinker Tank, you’re likely familiar with our wind table: the activity where you fold paper into different shapes to see what flies best. Thanks to Kaio Entertainment, a local tech company from Puyallup, AR technology has turned our wind table into a video game. A camera tracks the paper and displays it as a space craft on a nearby screen. Fly your “space craft” through the obstacle course to gain points. At the end of the day, come back and see if you got the top score.

Puget Sound Model with AR

Additional data and information displayed over the exhibit.

One of the first permanent exhibits installed after the Seattle World’s Fair, our well-loved Puget Sound Model is getting an upgrade. With AR technology, you’ll now be able to see the how three different forces help shape our region. Stations on three sides of the model show the effects of volcanic eruptions, glaciation or rainfall. Read more about our update to this exhibit here.

These three experiences will all be available at the Science Center in the coming weeks. Test them out and tell us what you think! What other exhibits would you like to see incorporate AR?