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“Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen”

Jan 8, 2019

Hyperspace - Wonderfall: Tale of Two Realms

Hyperspace XR is expanding its extended reality experience now showing at Pacific Science Center.

Virtual reality, augmented reality…and now extended reality is taking our guests to places they’ve never been.

Come experience the magic of Wonderfall: Tale of Two Realms. Hyperspace XR, our startup in residence, has opened their early access of the first 15 minutes of their large scale walk-through VR adventure. Reach out and feel the virtual world through heat, cold, wind, smell, and touch, all while taking part in a real live adventure. Physical and virtual worlds are carefully aligned to allow you to touch and interact with the virtual experience. Gather your friends to experience the 15 minute journey together.

Hyperspace has been open for tickets since early November. Our guests have given fantastic feedback on their experience and Hyperspace is now open during the daytime as well. 94% of guests say they will definitely tell their friends to come experience Wonderfall!

“This was by far the highlight of my trip to Seattle!” – Pacific Science Center Guest

“Gosh, you guys. You’re going to freak out. It is like the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.” – Pacific Science Center Guest

Hyperspace wants you to participate in their building process. They have begun work on the second scene of Wonderfall, adding an additional 15 minutes to the experience. This 1,500 square foot area lives directly behind their existing first scene. As part of your ticket, come take a back lot tour and see how they build these incredibly immersive worlds.

Scene Two is slated to open in the coming months at which point Wonderfall will become a 30 minute highly immersive free roam experience for four travelers per group. Each ticket sold to Scene One includes a 50% credit toward the full experience when complete.

Be a part of a startup’s journey to transport you to another world. Follow us on Facebook (@pacsci and @hyperspacexr) and Twitter (@pacsci and @hyperspacexr) for updates.

Want more? In the following video, Hyperspace CEO Jeff Ludwyck explains how it works.