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Engineer Your Best Weekend

Apr 30, 2019

Curiosity Days: Engineer It - May 3-5 at Pacific Science Center

Every day, from the moment our personalized cellphone alarm rouses us out of bed, we depend and improve upon a legacy of innovation. Engineering stands at the intersection of people, politics, and the physical spaces we share. From the microcosm of biomedical engineering to the macrocosm of global sustainability, guests can dive behind the scenes at Curiosity Days: Engineer It!

Come in May 3-5 and talk to local experts who make dreams into reality.

  • Explore ultrasound and neural engineering with the UW Biomedical Engineering Society.
  • Learn about the urban heat island with National Center for Science Education.
  • Meet up with the UW American Society of Engineers to check out their 3D printer and build bristle bots!
  • Design a solar energy system for a model home.
  • Discover the intricate operation of turbines in our live science show, Turning Turbines.
  • Get hands-on at our Make-It-and-Take-It craft table constructing paper polygons.
  • Catch an IMAX showing of Dream Big: the inspiring documentary about humanity’s perseverance and ingenuity. Bring tissues.

Engineers wear many hats — artist, leader, creator—find your passion at PacSci’s most highly anticipated Curiosity Days event of the year. Plan your trip today!