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Get Up Close With Climate Change

Feb 27, 2019

Curiosity Days: Climate Change

Climate change: it’s real, it’s visible and we’re actively contributing to it. At Pacific Science Center’s Curiosity Days: Climate Change, meet with local scientists, ask them anything about our current climate conditions, and engage in live science shows and hands-on activities.

Just in the past year, we’ve seen extreme weather such as abnormal cold spells, droughts, massive wildfires, rising sea levels, intense tropical storms, and severe flooding. The frequency of extreme weather is also raising a lot of questions. Why are we having polar vortex outbreaks if Earth is getting warmer? What communities will be most impacted by rapid climate change? What can we do to effectively reduce carbon emissions? How can we talk to our friends and family about the consequences of global warming?

Presented in partnership with the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory, Curiosity Days: Climate Change is a fun, interactive and informative event connecting you to local experts and leaders in climate science.

Get involved in our hands-on activities and exhibits this weekend! See if you can taste the difference between the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean in our Salinity Taste Test. At Narwhal Mysteries, dive into how the “unicorns of the sea” live by exploring their migration and feeding patterns–you can even try on a tusk! You can also find out how climate change affects you directly. In our Generating Electricity activity, learn to reduce your carbon footprint, and discover how solar energy can transform how you consume and pay for energy. There’s no shortage of interactive exhibits to check out.

Also Join us on March 2 for a screening of The New Fire–a compelling documentary that focuses on the next generation of nuclear technology, and the role that it plays in tackling climate change. Afterward, listen to a panel of local experts discuss nuclear energy and its contribution to the green energy movement.

Later that evening, attend Science in the City: Climate Change, hear from scientist Dr. Kristin Laidre as she discusses her research on the biology and ecology of Greenland’s marine mammals, and explore the impact of greenhouse gases on different ecosystems. Arrive early to enjoy drinks and a reception.

Curiosity Days: Climate Change is a partnership between Pacific Science Center and the University of Washington’s Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Laboratory, and is generously sponsored by PEMCO and Alaska Airlines.