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GiveBIG: Seattle’s Legacy of Compassion

Apr 30, 2019


Mark your calendars! GiveBIG is returning on May 8 to mobilize local philanthropists and inspire people in our community to support their favorite causes. The annual campaign has garnered more than $113 million for over 2,000 Pacific Northwest nonprofit organizations since 2011 with an amazing 24-hour period of online fundraising. Pacific Science Center has been a proud participant since the beginning, offering gift-matching from a generous private donor to double contributions up to $30,000, so every dollar counts.

This perennial event is part of an even greater tradition of philanthropy in our city. The Seattle Foundation first presented GiveBIG as a means to spotlight both new and established charities— never anticipating such tremendous results. Each year reveals a deeper spring of altruism in the greater Seattle area.

In fact, both The Seattle Foundation and PacSci share historical roots through the charitable contributions of Dr. Richard Fuller. Dr. Fuller created The Seattle Foundation and served as one of the five incorporators of the Pacific Science Center Foundation. He is perhaps most well-known for establishing the Seattle Art Museum. PacSci upholds this legacy of enrichment and education by providing a space to nurture curiosity.

GiveBIG flourished under The Seattle Foundation for eight years, energizing positive changes in the King County area. In 2018, The Seattle Foundation announced that they would pass the reigns of GiveBIG to 501 Commons. This new partnership will continue to vitalize local nonprofits and unite the city in a celebration of generosity. Participants can even schedule a gift before May 8 to get ahead of the game. Whether it’s a $5 or $500 donation, join the ranks of community-building humanitarians and GiveBIG for science.