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New Chemistry Exhibit To Display At Pacific Science Center

Chemists: Catalysts for Change Opens March 19

SEATTLE, WA (March 1, 2016) – Explore chemical concoctions that produce many of the items we use every day at Pacific Science Center’s exhibition Chemists: Catalysts for Change opening March 19.

The raw materials that make up medicine, microchips, eyeglasses and even dog toys come from one source: oil. Find out more about these chemicals and chemistry in general at Chemists: Catalysts for Change, the new exhibit in the Portal to Current Research space.

Get to know some of the chemists from the University of Washington’s Center for Enabling New Technologies through Catalysis (CENTC). Learn about their efforts to make chemical reactions happen faster and their search for new sources of raw materials for everyday items. Roll up your sleeves, put on your gloves and build a compound. Explore some of the chemicals that we use every day—did you know table salt is a chemical?—and see the catalysts inside your car.

Chemists: Catalysts for Change will be on display in the Portal to Current Research space March 19 through September 5, 2016. This exhibit is made possible by grant number CHE-1205189 from the National Science Foundation.

Pacific Science Center began as the United States Science Pavilion during the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Millions came to explore the wonders of science during the World’s Fair and upon closing ceremonies, the Science Pavilion was given new life as the private not-for-profit Pacific Science Center, becoming the first U.S. museum founded as a science and technology center. On July 22, 2010 Pacific Science Center was declared a City of Seattle Landmark. On October 22, 2012 Pacific Science Center celebrated 50 years of inspiring curiosity, creativity and critical thinking for people of all ages throughout Washington and guests from around the world.


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