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Field Trip Planning Time Is Here

by | Jul 26, 2016

Discover More This School Year at Pacific Science Center & Mercer Slough

It’s the time of year that always arrives sooner than expected: the beginning of a new school year. At Pacific Science Center, we eagerly await mid-summer when we can announce our programs for school groups for the upcoming school year, and that time has finally arrived! Registration opens August 1 for the 2016-2017 school year.

In our never-ending mission to inspire lifelong curiosity for science, technology, engineering and math in today’s youth, 2016-2017 field trips will include more opportunities to interact with scientists and researchers, more hands-on activities and IMAX movies, and more interactive science demonstrations and experiments than ever before.

MORE Special Exhibits

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes (opens October 15, 2016) will turn students into detectives, taking them through the streets of 19th century London as they perform scientific experiments, practice deductive reasoning, chase clues and solve a crime. Through this narrative, the special exhibition will informally engage your class in the forensic sciences while exploring the culture of Sherlock’s time and the modern sciences inspired by one of the world’s most recognizable literary figures. To learn more, explore the Exhibit Educator Guide.

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Terracotta Warriors (opens April 8, 2017) is a highly anticipated, one-of-a-kind exhibition being presented in partnership with The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The exhibition will feature real terracotta warrior statues as well as other artifacts from the first imperial dynasty of China, giving students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness one of history’s greatest archaeological finds and the fascinating ancient history, science and technology that the discovery unearthed.

MORE Science Research Events

Pacific Science Center proudly hosts research weekends throughout the year to give local scientists and researchers opportunities to share their work with the public. It is a little-known secret, but the Fridays of these research weekends are the best days to visit on a field trip!

Research weekend field trips offer the unique experience of engaging directly with real scientists performing research and conducting experiments right in our own backyard. There is no additional charge for school groups to book a research weekend field trip.

NEW! Wellbody Weekend

Wellbody Weekend, available to school groups on Friday, September 30, will educate and motivate kids to be healthier through innovative programming, activities, and informational resources. In the imaginative world of Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health and Wellness, discover how personal choices affect health and wellbeing through inventions and activities that present the lifelong process of balancing exercise, diet, proper rest and hygiene.

MORE Wetland Science

A field study at Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center is a valuable and innovative experience that allows students to get outdoors to explore swamp, bog, marsh, pond, slough and forest habitats while on a guided hike through Mercer Slough, then take their research to our state-of-the-art wet laboratory to use scientific equipment to examine wetland life, including looking at macroinvertebrates with our video microscope.

In February 2017, we’re excited to unveil a new field study experience focused on an up-and-coming, in-demand field: Environmental Engineering. In this field study, students will become engineers to learn about the design process and how it can be used to clean up water, restore habitats, and in turn provide healthier places to live. School groups will examine the ways a wetland acts as a natural engineer while designing some solutions to keep our local wetlands healthy.


Call (206) 443-2925 to book your field trip. Financial and transportation assistance is available for qualifying schools; inquire when you call to book your visit. Field trip timeslots for both The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes and Terracotta Warriors are expected to fill quickly, so we encourage interested school groups to reserve your desired date early!