Investigate The Connection Between Muscles And Memory At New Neuroscience Exhibit

by | Sep 10, 2015

Next Installment of Memory: Past Meets Present Opens Sept. 19

SEATTLE, WA (September 10, 2015) – How do your muscles learn to ride a bike, shoot a basketball or play the piano? In Memory: Past Meets Present, dive into the science behind how your brain retains information and explore how practicing a specific action many times teaches your body to do physical tasks.

How do we remember? Why do we forget? We are able to learn because we are able to remember. We learn abstract facts, we learn new skills, and we learn from experience.  But what have we learned so far about the three-pound organ in our heads that makes this all possible? In the new installment of Memory: Past Meets Present investigate how the brain retains information on repetitive actions your body preforms and becomes commonly known as “muscle memory”. Known as procedural memory by scientists, test your own memory with a “save-the-prince” interactive game, and see if you can use your procedural memory to play a simple song on a keyboard. Meet UW graduate students working on a project called “vHAB” that could help patients relearn muscle movements after disease or injuries; then play a vHAB video game that uses sensitive motion-tracking technology to read your muscle movements.

The next installment of Memory: Past Meets Present will be on display in the Portal to Current Research September 19, 2015 through March 6, 2016. This exhibit is made possible by a grant from The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

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