Meet The Ultimate IMAX Fan

by | May 6, 2015

To celebrate the reopening of the renovated Boeing IMAX Theater, Pacific Science Center started a search for the ultimate IMAX fan. After 292 entries and many heartfelt memories of movies experienced at the Science Center, the Ultimate IMAX Fan has been deemed.

Congratulations, Ben W.! You are the Ultimate IMAX Fan! Read Ben’s heartfelt submission that won him two adult tiered tickets to every movie shown in our Boeing IMAX Theater ($992 dollar value) for an entire year.

Why are you the ultimate IMAX fan?

As a kid, I was so excited when my father took me to Pacific Science Center to go to the recently built IMAX Theater.  A Pacific Science Center volunteer explained the technology [to us]. The huge film, the VW bug-sized projector, the speaker array behind the massive screen.  Thanks to that volunteer’s explanation, I was in awe and fascinated before my first IMAX movie even started.  My family was poor, but my parents somehow managed to get Pacific Science Center Membership. It was an important lesson in priorities.  We didn’t see many feature films, but my childhood was filled with amazing science shorts presented in IMAX!  Now an adult, I’m still a Pacific Science Center Member (card carrying and proud of it!) and love taking the next generation to see the IMAX.  I’ve shown the kids a strip of IMAX film that Pacific Science Center gave me when they went digital. Even now, it’s pretty amazing.  If I win Pacific Science Center’s IMAX contest, the first thing I’ll do is take my father to see an IMAX film to remind him of the good childhood he gave me.

What IMAX movies have you seen at Pacific Science Center?

Hobbit 1,2,&3. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate. So many educational movies, I can’t list them all here.

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