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New Exhibit on Community-Driven Innovation Opens at Pacific Science Center

“Block by BLOCK: Innovating From the Ground Up” Challenges Visitors to Be Curious and Rethink Innovation

SEATTLE, WA (Nov. 1) – Pacific Science Center’s newest exhibit, Block by BLOCK: Innovating From the Ground Up, challenges visitors to think about using their skills and abilities to come up with new solutions to pressing issues in the community. Block by BLOCK: Innovating From the Ground Up is on display through early January.

“We start by igniting curiosity in children, and we are equally focused on fanning the flames of curiosity throughout adulthood,” said Will Daugherty, CEO and President, Pacific Science Center. “The Block by BLOCK exhibit encourages visitors, and our community, to discuss, debate and collaborate on opportunities and challenges in which science and technology play roles. As an example, the acute homelessness crisis in our region demands curiosity, empathy and innovation.”

The exhibit notes several innovative projects in which people used their passion and skills to create new approaches to problems ranging from the waste and environmental damage of the textile and disposable plastic industries to food safety for allergy sufferers. The highlight of the exhibit is The BLOCK Project, a local father-daughter architecture team’s innovative response to Seattle’s homelessness crisis. Their compassion and architectural skills inspired them to design an integrated solution that encourages the whole community to get involved. The BLOCK Project builds sustainable 125-sq-ft homes for people experiencing homelessness in the backyards of willing Seattle homeowners.

“We don’t think The BLOCK Project will end homelessness through housing, but by changing the way people view homelessness,” Sara Vander Zanden, Executive Director, Facing Homelessness, which manages The BLOCK Project. Facing Homelessness matches residents with hosts, a case manager and social services, and also recruit the volunteers who fund and build the homes.

Guests will be able to tour a model BLOCK Home and learn about the Living Building Challenge, the green-building certification BLOCK Homes are designed to achieve. Tablet-based augmented reality shows the home’s sustainable electrical and water systems, while an immersive video plays an interview with Bobby, the first resident of a BLOCK Home.

To kick off the opening of the exhibit, Pacific Science Center is hosting a panel, “Community-Driven Innovation,” and exhibit preview this evening, Nov. 1, which is free to the public.

Block by BLOCK: Innovating From the Ground Up is now on display through January 6, 2019 in upper Building 3. This exhibit is included with general admission. Pacific Science Center opens at 10 a.m. every day and closes at 5 p.m. on weekdays and 6 p.m. on weekends.

PHOTOS of Block by BLOCK: Innovating From the Ground Up available for download here.

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