PacSci Perspectives

New Look For Timeless Exhibits

by | Apr 8, 2016

Pacific Science Center began in 1962, originally part of the Seattle World’s Fair that year. In the years since we’ve hosted some amazing exhibits covering topics such as China, the Titanic, Dead Sea Scrolls, Pompeii and many more.

But in the 50 plus years of our existence, it is some of our smaller, permanent exhibits that have fascinated our guests over and over again and still do to this day. We call these exhibits our Science Playground in Building 3 just inside our Denny Way entrance. There you will find new signs explaining the basic scientific principles on display.

“These are the things that are kind of almost the basics of how we make and craft things that work for our world,” said Felicia Maffia, Exhibit Development Manager explaining why we have added new signs. “I think people forget that we still use pulleys. I think we’re just better at disguising them.”

Pulleys, of course, are what make elevators go up and down. Basic physics. The same simple machines used centuries ago to build the pyramids and other ancient structures.

Learn more about these beloved exhibits and why they’re as important today as they were long ago in this quick PacSci Podcast. Then stop by and see them in action.