New Outdoor Plant Exhibit Explores How Humans Civilized Seeds

by | Jun 1, 2015

Pacific Science Center’s lower courtyard is home to 17 large planters and six smaller ones that were built in place and are integral to the historic design of the buildings. The earliest photos show them planted densely with multicolored tulips, but through most of the Science Center’s history they have been planted for season-long color and greenery.

Recently, thanks to generous grant from the Pendleton and Elisabeth Miller Charitable Foundation, we were able to renovate them. Our horticulturist took advantage of the opportunity to turn them into an exhibit with plants selected for the stories they tell. Civilized Seeds tells a story of artificial selection – the choices humans make when they breed for traits they find desirable for food, fiber, medicine, dye or other useful characteristics. We hope you enjoy the new garden exhibit during your visit to the Science Center.