Spray Parks Instead Of Screen Time

by | Jul 8, 2015

It’s summer and for many kids, the season without school can add up to a lot of extra screen time.

Screen addiction has become a hot topic in modern parenting, no more so than in China, where doctors consider Internet addiction a clinical disorder and have set up controversial rehab centers documented in “Web Junkie,” premiering on PBS Monday (7/13/15).

Here in America, a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found the average 8- to 10-year-old spends eight hours a day in front of screens; tweens and teens log more than 11 hours a day on computers, tablets and phones. Researchers have had a field day with the psychological, social and cultural impacts of electronic media on children and many link increased screen time with rising rates of childhood obesity.

Need another reason to encourage kids to refresh their bodies instead of their Web browsers?

Recent research by scientists at the University of California found that mice that exercised while young were more likely to exercise as adults — and they weighed less, results that “may be relevant for the public policy debates concerning the importance of physical education for children,” the researchers say.

So kids, turn off your screens and head out to play. How ’bout running, jumping and spinning at the nearest spray park?

Spray Parks, Fountains, Wading Pools & Beaches

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And when you come to Seattle Center to enjoy the “big Kahuna” of all spray parks, the powerful jets choreographed to music at the International Fountain, stop by Wellbody Academy to explore how play and healthy choices can make you feel better for life.