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Thankful For Our Volunteers

by | Nov 23, 2016

We rely on hundreds of volunteers to help achieve our mission. Each and every day we are thankful for the individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to inspire curiosity in children from across the state and fuel critical thinking in all of us. But today, we are especially thankful and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to share the impact that volunteers at the Science Center have on everyone including our staff.

Here are just a few messages of gratitude from staff around the Science Center.


When I think of volunteers I think of the time, talent and joy that they give. In our lives, time is an extremely precious commodity, and when volunteers choose to share it with us they are benefiting the lives of all of our guests, from preschoolers, middle and high school students in Science Center programs at our Mercer Slough site, to those of all ages who visit Tinker Tank and our Special and Live Exhibits, get to try out a hands-on activity at one of our Interpretive stations, or have the chance to meet a scientist at our Seattle Center location. During their time with us volunteers bring their talents, expertise, and passion for learning and exploration to everything they do. “Thanks” is such a small word, but it is one that the staff at Pacific Science Center feels in abundance – we are truly grateful to each and every one of our volunteers for their commitment. Thank you all!

Karin Pierce

Volunteer Engagement Manager

A volunteer at Pacific Science Center wrote our Electron Demo and made our first Science on a Sphere show. A different volunteer helped make an activity about cancer and another volunteer made a quilt that illustrates tide pool zones.  One volunteer helped me find rehearsal space for my theater group, while another got me interested in opera.  A volunteer helped me be a better person; a volunteer helped me through a difficult time in my life. A volunteer made me smile every day. The best things volunteers can’t be written in a list, because the best thing about volunteers is the lives we live because of them.

Joy Delyria

Interpretive Programs Supervisor

Volunteers are the glue that hold our programs together. During my time at Pacific Science Center, I have worked with over 100 volunteers and I am consistently impressed with their passion and drive to give back. Majority of the volunteers I worked with were in high school. To ask a high schooler to take time out of their schedule to work for free is not as easy feat but the volunteers I had the pleasure of working with were ecstatic to devote their time to working with youth in a nonprofit setting. The programs I run depend on hard working volunteers. I feel very lucky to have not only hard working volunteers but volunteers that fuel the passion behind what we do.
Brooke Saldivar

Youth & Family Programs Seattle & West Side Supervisor

In Tinker Tank, I’ve seen amazing creations that inspire guests; I’ve seen people leave laughing and saying, “this is the best place ever!” and “will you be here when I come back next time?”; I’ve seen the realization that what we do in Tinker Tank is possible at home with a bit of creativity and problem solving. All of these interactions have been between guests and the community of people who donate their time and experiences. I’m proud to be cultivating a space in which people choose to spend several hours inviting guests to explore and tinker.

Colin Roberts

Tinker Tank Operations Lead

I’m thankful for our volunteers because of their dedication to Pacific Science Center and it’s mission of igniting curiosity in every child. Our volunteers go above and beyond to help make our programs successful for children and adults. From behind the scenes work to partaking in activities with our program participants, we simply couldn’t achieve as much without our dedicated volunteers, and for that, I am very thankful!

Nathan Zabel

Mercer Slough Environmental Education Site Supervisor

I have my dream job. I work with the butterfly house, the naked mole rats, the pollinator garden, the tide pool, and I share these joyful places with the public. But any job comes with challenges and problems that drive a wedge between the ideal and the reality. Whenever this happens, volunteers rescue me with their own love for what they do. Here are folks who get up in the morning and come in just because they want to. Every time they volunteer it’s a gift to my program and to our guests. When I see my work through their eyes I love it all over again. Thank you volunteers!

Sarah Moore

Live Exhibits Manager

If Pacific Science Center ignites curiosity and fuels a passion for discovery, experimentation and critical thinking, volunteers are the spark behind that all. Volunteers help us in every division in a multitude of ways. In Science Interpretation in particular, I am thankful for our volunteers who come to us from very different backgrounds and share their knowledge, their enthusiasm, and their love of science with our guests every day. Thank you all.

Matt Eaton

Science Interpretive Staff Coordinator

Volunteers open our eyes about the work we do. They are objective and have ideas how to make things better for our guests and it’s all wrapped up in the incredible generosity of their time. And they bring their unique world and professional experiences with them so they make everything we do bigger, deeper and richer. I’m so grateful for what they bring to our experience every day. Pacific Science Center would be a much lesser place without them.

Diana Johns

Vice President Exhibits & Facilities

I am thankful for our volunteers because their smiles bring a smile to my face and their desire to support Pacific Science Center is so genuine. When I see a volunteer that’s been here for years it makes me feel connected and proud to be their teammate and when I see a new volunteer it makes me eager to see what they’ll bring to our guests and our culture. We are better for them being here.

Jen Tucker

Guest Services Director