What Do Kids Really Think Of Watermelon Magic?

by | Aug 17, 2015

We asked kids to put their review skills to the test for our IMAX documentary, Watermelon Magic. Find out what some of young critics thought of the tasty summer treat.

We teamed up with Seattle’s Child to hear from our audience that matters most: the kids! We invited over 250 kids to see our summer IMAX documentary, Watermelon Magic for a chance to win a Family Membership. Here’s what our young reviewers had to say about this summer flick:

“Watermelon Magic takes place on a farm that Sylvie’s family lives at. The farm has lots of plant life including fruits and vegetables. The story was about a girl named Sylvie who had a magic wand, but when it breaks her mother tells her to plant watermelons. In Watermelon Magic you will see how Sylvie was able to make magic without her wand. I liked how the movie was made up of pictures and time lapses. I liked how you can see how tiny seeds transform into huge watermelons. I did not like that movie was so short. There was not much dialogue and you needed to use inferences to figure out what was going on. I learned how watermelons grow and that the process is magical. I would recommend this movie to a friend. I would give this movie 4.5 stars. “

“I liked the part where they grew the watermelons. I didn’t like when the man bought all the watermelons because they might have wanted to have some. I learned how to grow watermelons. I would recommend this movie to a friend. I would have 5 stars for this movie.”

“It is a wonderful movie. I really love to eat watermelon.”

“I like that it shows real life on the farm, it’s about fun and it makes you laugh. Also like to see the plant dancing in the movie.”

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