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Our Startups-In-Residence Are Busy Bees Inside The Hive

by | Mar 23, 2018

The Hive, Pacific Science Center's Incubator Space

At Pacific Science Center, we embrace innovation. We’re constantly working to improve the guest experience and offer more unique opportunities for informal science education. With What is Reality, we are providing guests the opportunity to consider the concept of reality, whether it be augmented, virtual, neurological, physics-based or otherwise. If you’ve been to visit us recently you may have high-fived an astronaut, grown a flower from a seed in an instant, or taken a dive into the ocean to swim with whales. We have big plans to prototype a range of experiences for What is Reality, and we are excited to have the support of First Tech Federal Credit Union.

In October 2017, we took our once-classic exhibit, Insecta Side Show, and converted it into an incubator space for local startups-in-residence. We invited Hyperspace, a local tech startup, to use it as their workspace. In a nod to the tent’s insect roots, as well as the definition of a lot of busy activity, we renamed this space The Hive. While the tent gave Hyperspace the initial space they needed, it did not convey the quality of experience we wanted for our guests and future startups.

Thanks to First Tech and their support, we have transformed this space into an attractive and supportive environment for our startups-in-residence. The Hive now features a more open layout to give guests a first-hand look at the work being done, as well as technology to help the startups tell their stories and demonstrate their products. “We couldn’t have provided these much-needed improvements to The Hive without First Tech’s help. Their enthusiasm for the experimental approaches we’re taking with What is Reality is infectious, and having their support gives us the chance to provide a quality experience for our guests and our startups-in-residence,” said VP of Exhibits Diana Johns.

Hyperspace quickly outgrew The Hive and now resides in Building 4, where they are currently building out their extended reality experience. A new startup-in-residence, Curio, moved into The Hive after the upgrades were completed. With this newly refurbished space, Curio is easily able to test their products with guests and provide a more interactive and engaging experience while they gain feedback on their prototypes. On your next visit, stop by The Hive to interact with the latest immersive technologies while exploring the question: What is Reality?