PacSci-Doku: “Future Fuel”

By Dennis Schatz – Senior Advisor


Do you Sudoku? It’s one of the hottest number games around! Well, here’s a twist we think you’ll love. We call it PacSci-Doku. Can you guess why? Here’s how it works. Instead of filling in the blanks with numbers, we use letters. Hidden in one of the columns or rows is the answer to a science question. You’ll find information about the answer on the answer tab below.

The question in this edition is:

What may soon power the airplanes you fly?

To find the answer, complete this PacSci-Doku using the following nine letters:

e  A  a  w  F  s  R  t  M

PacSci-Doku: Future Fuel

Puzzle Difficulty: Easy

The Answer


PacSci-Doku: Future Fuel Answer

The question in this edition is:

What may soon power the airplanes you fly?

The answer: Farm Waste

If all goes well, United Airlines will fly a plane with some of its fuel derived from farm waste. United is investing in Fulcrum BioEnergy that will produce biofuels made from animal fat, plus household and farm waste. Biofuels can cut airplane carbon emissions by 80%, so many airlines are exploring the use of this alternative fuel. Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong based airlines has also invested in Fulcrum Bio Energy. Alaska Airlines, Southwest and British Airways will also start using some biofuels in its airplanes. United will start with a few test flights this summer with a mixture of 30% biofuels and 70% traditional jet fuel. Learn more about how farm and household waste may soon be getting you into the air.