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Exploring The World of Tinkering

by | Jul 27, 2019

TinkerTank at PacSci

Tinker Tank at PacSci

One of the most visible spots at Pacific Science Center is our Tinker Tank, that’s our maker space in the Carnevalli Pavilion at the entrance to the Boeing IMAX Theater. Thousands walk by every day and can’t miss the big Tinker Tank signs in the windows. But just what is tinkering or making all about and why is its popularity growing all the time?

“Using tools is just kind of a natural thing for humans to do and it feels good to use different tools, especially new ones,” said Danny Bell who manages the programs in Pacific Science Center’s Tinker Tank.

In this PacSci Podcast (embedded below) we discuss what it means to be a tinker and why the process of design, build, test, repeat is important to makers and huge companies alike. While it may feel good for a backyard carpenter to build a new gazebo, the same process is crucial for any company these days, large or small.

Below are links to more information about tinkering and making and ways for you to get involved. In addition to the Science Center, many local libraries and community centers offer similar programs for all ages.

For many of us, the idea of tearing things apart to understand them is common. For many others it can be overwhelming. But if you get exposed to tinkering or making, you may find it to be a very satisfying experience and something you can use in your day to day life.

So, we encourage you and your family to explore your inner tinker and above all else, be curious!

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