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Holiday Lights Shine At PacSci

by | Nov 26, 2019

Holiday themed artistic light installation by Lusio Lights

The 2019 holiday season is here and once again this year, Pacific Science Center is going all out. From ugly sweaters to indoor snowball fights to new hit movies, we’re bringing the holidays to life under the arches.

In what’s become a holiday tradition, PacSci is creating our SNOWZONE inside Building 4 with falling snow, snowball fights, twinkling lights, and the sounds of winter. But this year we’re taking things to a whole new level with an artistic light and sound installation by Lusio Lights.

“I am bringing an immersive winter light art display that is focusing on ice in many forms,” says Mollie Bryan, owner and curator of Lusio, a light art and events company in Seattle.

Just what is light art? She explains that light art is a general description for all sorts of art forms that utilize light as a main component. “So, it could be everything from video projections to a sculpture that utilizes LED lights to something more interactive. Kind of across the board.”

As for Lusio, that’s a company she created a few years back aimed at getting light art out of galleries, festivals and other niche spaces. “So, I try to bring that form of art into beautiful, accessible, playful spaces where everybody can enjoy it and be inspired.”

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