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Become a Community Scientist

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Laser Dome Lights Up December

Dec 6, 2019

Laser Dome

As winter approaches, we’re entering the darkest time of year in our part of the world. But Pacific Science Center’s historic Laser Dome is doing its part to lighten things up this month. We have extra afternoon performances to help brighten your holidays, a great lineup of evening shows, and this year something new: Artist Choice Laser Performances every Saturday night in December.

Chris Harris our Laser Theater Supervisor…aka, Laser Ziggy…says these are on-the-fly performances by our laser artists who’ve been working on these shows for months to give our audience something special for the holidays.

“A lot of the base content for our regular shows is programmed in advance,” he says. “With these shows there’s a lot more triggering of imagery live during the performance and there’s a lot less pre-programmed content. It’s definitely an exciting way to watch someone perform a laser show.”

You’ll see shapes and images being choreographed to the music in ways you’ve never seen before. Images that were static now come to life.

Here’s our line up for December Saturdays at 9 p.m.:

  • Dec. 7 – Laser Justice with artist Laser Motown.
  • Dec. 14 – Laser Griz with laser artist OB-1.
  • Dec. 21 – Laser White Stripes with artist Laser Wolf.
  • Dec. 28 – Laser Frank Ocean with Laser Ziggy.

Our people pour their hearts and souls into these very special performances and depending on how our audience reacts, some of these may become part of our repertoire. So, check out our schedule and add some magic light to the darkest time of the year. You just won’t find this experience anywhere else.

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