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PacSci Podcast: Meet The Mushroom Lady

by | Sep 28, 2018

Death is not the end: a decomposition story at Pacsci

October is always a special time at Pacific Science Center and this year is no different. We’re going all out with plenty of decorations, costumes, special programs, spooky shows and a whole lot more. And a big part of our October celebration this year focuses on stuff that rots or molds…we’re talking decomposition, people.

This October 5 our newest living exhibit, Death is not the end: a decomposition storyopens in Ackerley Gallery. The exhibit explores the important role that decomposers play in converting dead organisms into usable nutrients so that other organisms can live. Come see insects, bacteria and fungi in action as they use death as an opportunity to support new life.

A fascinating part of the exhibit comes from Melissa MacEwen, a woman who has made mushrooms a big part of her life. In this week’s quick PacSci Podcast you’ll learn why. Give a listen then make plans to join us for some spooky science all month long. Learn More