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Holiday Lights Shine At PacSci

The 2019 holiday season is here and once again this year, PacSci is going all out with a very special light art installation.

Saturn: Number One In Moons

Twenty newly discovered moons makes Saturn the new king of moons in our solar system, and their discovery may mean much more.

PacSci Podcast: Shakespeare and Science

In this PacsSci Podcast we look at an event coming up just before Halloween that focuses on an infamous story and examines it from a scientific perspective.

The Science of Beer

Do you love beer? Do you know what goes into making this beloved beverage? It turns out there’s a whole lot more science involved than you might think.

PacSci Podcast: New Excitement For ‘Reality’

by | Jul 12, 2019

Be Curious. Experience innovation at PacSci.

PacSci’s virtual reality adventures are reaching new heights this summer. In this PacSci Podcast, we explore new experiences and new developments that promise to take things to places as yet unimagined. Learn more about VR experiences.

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