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PacSci Podcast: Life On The Moon

In this PacSci podcast we take a closer look at the tiny creature that has taken over the Internet and maybe some day, the moon.

PacSci Podcast: Life After Death

A local company will soon offer a service that will be an alternative to burial or cremation. A service that turns humans into soil when they die.

Exploring The World of Tinkering

In this PacSci Podcast we explore our Tinker Tank, that’s our maker space, and just why tinkering is becoming so popular these days.

PacSci Podcast: New Excitement For ‘Reality’

by | Jul 12, 2019

Be Curious. Experience innovation at PacSci.

PacSci’s virtual reality adventures are reaching new heights this summer. In this PacSci Podcast, we explore new experiences and new developments that promise to take things to places as yet unimagined. Learn more about VR experiences.

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