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The Science of Beer

by | Oct 1, 2019

Brewology - Fall 2019 at Pacific Science Center

In the northern hemisphere, October means fall festivals, harvest festivals, and Octoberfests. For many of us, something goes along with all those festivals: beer. Hops are harvested, grains are ready, brewmasters are doing their thing, and beer lovers are enjoying it all. But have you ever considered what goes into creating that favorite beverage of yours?

Krystin Norman, Senior Scientist & Microbiologist at Seattle’s famous Fremont Brewing company says most of us don’t realize just how much science is involved with brewing good beer.

“Brewing is kind of a unique thing because it’s kind of combining both art and science into creating the final product,” she said. “To make truly consistent, high-quality beer you need to perform a lot of science and quality checks on the beer.”

For home brewers it’s exactly the same. She is emphatic in saying you need to do your homework on scientific sanitation practices and precise, scientific temperature control to make good beer at home. But don’t let all the science get in the way. She says learn it and have fun with it.

Hear more from this scientist about beer in the podcast embedded below then make plans for one frothy evening at Brewology Friday, October 18, 2019 at Pacific Science Center. Our famous Brewology event has been a hit with beer makers and beer lovers for years now. Come sample some amazing beverages and learn what goes into this product that humans have been creating and drinking for millennia. Krystin and other area brewers and scientists will be on hand to share tips, advice, and secrets of brewing.

Whether you want to make your own or just enjoy the work of others, if beer is a part of your life, you want to be there.

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