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Together We Believe Curiosity Knows No Bounds

Woodland Park Zoo Animals Visit Pacific Science Center - Learn About Free Teacher and Educator Resources BelowSEATTLE, WA (September 28, 2021) - Together we believe curioisty knows no bounds. From the birds who fly, to porcupines (and people) observing the sky,...

Update on PacSci’s Living Exhibits

The animals in our Living Exhibits are one of the many highlights of a PacSci visit. From seeing new butterflies emerge from their chrysalis to learning about our Naked Mole Rat colony, each visit is filled with curiosity, wonder and newfound knowledge. However, the...

Share Your PacSci Memories

by | Apr 27, 2020

While Pacific Science Center’s doors are closed, we’re asking our community to share their favorite memories. We miss you and can’t wait to reopen!

Share your memories to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #CuriosityNeverCloses and #PacSciMemories like our Director of Marketing, Liisa O’Neill, did here from her days as a camper (as seen in the above Polaroid). We’ll be featuring your memories throughout our social media channels.

“I spent my childhood at PacSci – camps (pictured here, blasting a rocket off of the bandstand), field trips, and my first IMAX experience. As a step parent, I was so excited to share those experiences and proud when she chose to have her 6th birthday party at PacSci. My 15mo has visited twice, and cried each time he had to leave the helicopter. As marketing director at PacSci for the past year and a half, I love seeing the expressions of discovery on the faces of kids and adults of all ages when I walk around. My 15mo watched our first online Live Science Stage show, and was mesmerized. All I could think is, I can’t wait until he can see the show in person. #CuriosityNeverCloses #PacSciMemories” — Liisa O’Neill

Did you visit PacSci on a field trip, or maybe you returned with your children? Has a butterfly landed on your noes, or did you get to hold one of our hissing cockroaches? Did you get engulfed by brilliant lights in our Laser Dome, or see Star Wars on our massive IMAX screen?

Help us bring together a virtual community of science enthusiasts, laser lovers, axolotl aficionados, dinosaur disciples, butterfly buffs, and curious people of all ages. Share your experiences and show our community that Curiosity Never Closes.


How to Share

Tag @pacsci on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and put both hashtags #CuriosityNeverCloses and #PacSciMemories in the caption along with a link to

Not on social media but still want to share your memories? We would love to share your memories through channels. Please send us your memories directly via email to and include the following:

  • In the body of the email, please include: “I own this image or video and give PacSci permission to use this content in marketing and fundraising campaigns.” If a minor appears, please also include “I am the parent or guardian of minor(s) featured and give permission for their appearance.”
  • Please include any photo credits you would like us to us.
  • Include any voluntary information we can include in posts such as: first name and last initial, city and state, age of kids if featured


While We Have You Here…

Your support and love of science matter more than ever. This is a challenging time for us all, and PacSci is facing a multi-million dollar loss during our temporary closure.

We are excited to announce that all gifts made through May 6, 2020 will be matched by our generous donors and sponsors. Help us unlock $300,000 of matching funds to increase access to science!

We are continuing to serve the community, bringing science to you through our online content and programs, but with our doors closed we need your help to ensure that Curiosity Never Closes. Double your impact and make a gift to support science education today!

Curiosity Never Closes: Support PacSci

While we undergo our renewal, we are still serving the community. We depend on support from you.

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