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Question The World You Think You Know

by | Sep 22, 2017

What Is Reality?

What if you could put on a headset and transport yourself inside a painting? Or dive into the depths of the ocean to swim alongside humpback whales? What if we told you that you can do this and more without ever leaving Seattle? At Pacific Science Center, we bridge the gap between scientists, current research and the public. Our newest set of experiences, What is Reality, goes one step further by adding local technology innovators to the mix. And it’s already happening on our floor.

The popularity of immersive technologies is growing every day. From gaming and cinema to medicine, architecture and education, many of the organizations that produce these technologies innovate in our backyard. We are excited to bring many these local innovators to the Science Center for you to experience first-hand.

In the coming months, expect a changing suite of engagement that will test perceptions of reality. From neuroscience-based virtual reality (VR) to experimenting with light and color, all sorts of mind-stretching experiences will be available.

“Immersive or extended reality technologies are so powerful that they can have a significant impact on how we are able to understand our world and our universe. In addition to cool experiences, we want to introduce our guests to the folks behind the incredibly innovative and creative work that’s happening in Seattle as well as experience some of the process and skill sets involved. Pacific Science Center is connecting with local innovators at all levels in the technology sector and it’s a win-win for our guests and the innovators alike,” said Vice President of Exhibits, Diana Johns.

Local companies will create at the Science Center. Hyperspace XR, a Seattle-based team of engineers and artists, is the Science Center’s first start-up in residence. They are currently developing a large-scale touch and feel group VR experience. When it’s finished, this extended walk-through VR experience will cover the space of a large warehouse. Virtual environments will be layered onto physical spaces and include tactile sensations for all senses. Science Center guests will have a front row opportunity to watch it evolve and help test new iterations.

“We really want to give our guests first-hand experience with the incredibly innovative and creative work that’s currently happening in Seattle,” said Johns. “Our audience will be able to peek behind the curtain to not only see, but be a part of the process of technological innovation. By connecting our guests with local scientists, companies and innovators, Pacific Science Center is creating a unique environment for thought-provoking conversation and experiences to coexist.”

What is Reality is an evolving set of experiences, questions and discussions, and what you encounter on one day may be very different on another. You just never know! Make plans to visit us often to not miss your chance to engage with these fascinating new experiences.


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