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Together We Believe Curiosity Knows No Bounds

Sep 28, 2021

Woodland Park Zoo Animals Visit Pacific Science Center – Learn About Free Teacher and Educator Resources Below

SEATTLE, WA (September 28, 2021) – Together we believe curioisty knows no bounds.

From the birds who fly, to porcupines (and people) observing the sky, there’s no limit to the things we can learn together. This month, Pacific Science Center (PacSci) and Woodland Park Zoo teamed up for the lively Wild at Heart partnership series to celebrate local cultural organizations.

As kids have been returning to school this month, ambassador animals Buddy and Skyáana got in on the learning fun with a private visit to the Pacific Science Center.

Skyáana the North American porcupine is confident, gentle and loves snacking on unsalted nuts and corn on the cob. The 7-year-old quilled cutie got a glimpse of the cosmos in the planetarium with PacSci educator Fatima. The Willard Smith Planetarium has been igniting curiosity about the universe since 1977 and currently acts as a second studio for broadcasting virtual field trips around the world. Buddy the pharaoh eagle owl, accompanied by Lead Animal Keeper Krystle Cruz, checked out the iconic arches in the courtyard, part of the 7-acre pavilion designed by renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki for the 1962 World’s Fair. The 100-foot-tall arches are an iconic site on the Seattle skyline and an elegant backdrop for a pharaoh eagle owl.

Ambassador animals like Buddy and Skyáana help build connections with people to foster empathy, curiosity and learning. And these delightful ambassadors aren’t the only way to learn with the zoo! With a focus on connecting learners to nature, animals and scientific understanding, Woodland Park Zoo is proud to share the Discovery Den resource portal for teachers and educators! This tool provides access to high-quality educational content for students and is a place to share ideas, learn about upcoming professional development opportunities, and more. Teachers can start discovering by creating a free educator account at

Astronomy is just one of the many subjects PacSci’s informal educators like Fatima bring to life through PacSci’s virtual field trips. Whether it’s astronomy, chemistry, engineering, or a deep dive into the brain, PacSci’s 40-minute live programs have engaged more than 30,000 students in science over the past year. Roughly half were from underserved communities and experienced the virtual field trips for free. Curiosity at Home also provides free resources by grade level for teachers such as interactive videos, activity worksheets, and more. Learn more at

In addition to virtual field trips, PacSci is excited to welcome the world-premiere of HOCKEY: Faster Than Ever, an interactive exhibition on the science of hockey that youth and visitors of all ages will enjoy.  Guests can try their hands at shooting, learn the physics of collision and fast ice, and test their goalie skills. Learn more about HOCKEY: Faster Than Ever at

Arts, science and heritage are the heart of Seattle. We are a vibrant and rich community of cultural partners — from artists to actors to animal lovers, museums to musicians, and singers to scientists. We are all Wild at Heart, and we celebrate our unique and collective contributions that bring life to this city. To learn more about Wild at Heart, visit


Photo credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, Woodland Park Zoo