4 Tips to Perfect Picture Day Smiles

by Bryana Allen

School is finally back in session. Soon those new haircuts, new clothes, and cute grins will be gearing up for picture day.

Many a school photo features closed eyes, a forced smile, and a squinty face. But these familiar photography faux pas are preventable. With a little coaching and a pinch of parental prep, your child’s “say cheese” can be accident-free.

Help your kiddos put on their best smile with these tips:

Keep outfits simple.
Picture day ensembles should be comfy, simple, and of course — something they love so they can be themselves. Remember, light colors favor darker complexions while dark colors favor lighter complexions and try to keep patterns to a minimum. Also, remember to pack an extra outfit in case of (clothing) emergency.

Pack “safe” lunches.
Picture day shoots can be unpredictable. Time slots may fall after lunchtime, so pack a meal that’s healthy, smile-friendly and mess-free. Think: turkey and Swiss on whole grain bread with carrot sticks and apple slices. Not: PB & J with cheese puffs and chocolate sandwich cookies.

Prep, don’t pose!
It’s difficult to smile on command, especially for kiddos. Take some practice snapshots at home. Help them relax so they don’t force stiff, unnatural poses. Give kids posture freedom and their smile will be picture-perfect.

Embrace the imperfections.
Whether it’s a toothless grin or a mouth full of metal, encourage your kids to embrace their smile style. After all, it’s what makes them unique!

Now that your family is picture day-prepared, get ready to pick those perfect proofs. Tell those frames filled with stock photos to move over — it’s time for school snapshots to shine!

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