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Wildfires and Blizzards: Curious about Climate Change?

By Stan McNaughton, PEMCO CEO

Curiosity Days: Climate Change

Curiosity Days at Pacific Science Center are back for another science-filled weekend. Starting Friday, March 1 through Sunday, March 3, families can stop by to learn more about climate change through hands-on experiments led by local experts. You’ll be able to test the impacts salt and freshwater have on icecaps, learn about your carbon footprint and uncover the benefits of capturing energy from the sun.

It’s a weekend that will be filled with engaging events to help educate the next generation on the ins and outs of climate change. Over the course of the last year, extreme weather and natural disasters impacted people and places across the United States – from hurricanes to wildfires and deep freezes. Right here in Washington state, the snow is still thawing in some places from the historic winter storm that brought more than a foot of snow, record low temperatures and an unexpected school vacation for students.

There’s no question our climate is changing. Wildfires, stronger winds and extreme winter weather are impacting more of our communities, our business and our PEMCO customers. Nobody knows this community quite like PEMCO’s employees and customers – we’ve been an active partner here for 70 years. But local roots only go so far when our environment is changing and communities expanding, facing new challenges in the process. It’s important we learn more about climate change so we can work to mitigate the impacts while preparing and protecting ourselves. This requires a commitment from each of us to learn about how our actions impact the world in which we live, uncover the facts and make connections between the events happening around us.

During this weekend’s Curiosity Days, cutting-edge research and top polar scientists from the University of Washington will guide our exploration of how climate change is impacting our ecosystem. Take the Earth’s polar regions, even though they are far away, you’ll learn about how they affect us here in the Northwest.

Curiosity can change the way we think about, approach and prepare for extreme weather and natural disasters. I encourage everyone to attend Curiosity Days this weekend. All you need is an open and engaged mind!