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Foundations of Science Breakfast – Day Of Responsibilities

Before the Program Starts

  • Arrive no later than 7 a.m., 6:45 a.m. if possible.
  • Check in at registration table to receive your name tag.
  • Find your table (each name tag has the table number printed on it), your Breakfast Champion package will be waiting for you.
  • Welcome your guests and all the guests we might have seated at your table; introduce your guests.
  • Enjoy the hands-on science experiences and encourage your guests to participate.

During the Program

  • Only once prompted from the stage (at app. 8:30 a.m.), please pass around the giving cards in your Breakfast Champion package to the guests at your table.

NOTE: If one or more of your guests could not come, please send the giving card to them with an ‘I missed you note.’ We will include a few blank envelopes and sticky notes in your packet. You may also write the note during the breakfast, stick it onto the giving card and put it back into the Breakfast Champion envelope and Pacific Science Center will send it for you.

  • Champions will give clear instructions for giving steps, which includes filling in the giving card.
  • Please make sure that your guests fill in your name under ‘Breakfast Champion’ on the giving card and include their credit card information or check.
  • Remind your guests to have their gifts matched by their employer. If guests brought a matching gift form, tell them to enclose it in the giving card.
  • Send the envelope around again for guests to include their completed giving card with check or credit card information and possibly matching gift form.
  • Close the envelope and hold on to it. A designated staff person will come and pick it up right at 9 a.m. when the Breakfast program ends. Please do NOT leave the table until the envelope has been picked up from your table and please do NOT walk away with the envelope.
  • Take with you or invite your guests to take with them the table centerpieces.


After the Breakfast

  • Thank your guests.
  • If a guest was absent today, please:
    • Send them a giving card with a special note or encourage them via email to give online.
    • Write a note on the provided sticky notes, attach it to a giving card and put it back into the white Breakfast Champion envelope so that Pacific Science Center can send it. They might still want to contribute.