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Curiosity Days: Wellbody

A Weekend of Health, Wellness, and Life Sciences.

September 23-24, 2017 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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A healthy lifestyle starts with knowledge. Join Pacific Science Center for Wellbody, a Curiosity Days event celebrating health, wellness and life sciences on September 23-24, 2017. Learn how to live your healthiest life through hands-on activities, experiments and demonstrations from local organizations and Science Center staff. Discover the components of a healthy lifestyle and explore the research and technologies being developed to help us lead longer, healthier lives. Curiosity Days events are included with general admission to Pacific Science Center and are FREE for Members. Learn more about Membership here.



Neuroscience and You | UW Neuroscience Community Outreach Group Explore activities demonstrating how your brain processes information from your senses, makes decisions, and moves through the world. Story Time Stories and activities for our youngest guests! Got Germs? Use colorful stamps to learn what everyday things you do influence your microbiome. Human and Animal Motion | Tinker Tank Come build contraptions that replicate how human and animal bodies work and move. Create hands that grab, wings that flaps, mouths that move, all with cardboard, string and straws. Surgery Visit our exhibit all about surgery located in the Wellbody Studio in Building 2. Learn about the tools and techniques surgeons use to help people every day. Memory: Fragrant Flashbacks Discover the power that smell has to transport us back in time. Located in the Portal to Current Research area in Building 2. Blood and Guts How steady is your balance? Where is your ulna? Assemble skeletons, analyze X-rays and scrutinize skulls. Tease your mind with optical illusions and look inside a real human brain! This exhibit includes real organs from humans and animals. Exhibits in English and Spanish. Brain Power Discover the magnificent human brain! Explore memory, expression, perception and the impact of drugs with these thought-provoking exhibits. See a real human brain up close and compare it to other animal brains.


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